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“Try to do for students only what they cannot yet do for themselves,” says Mathematical Association of America (MAA) member, professor emeritus of the Open University, and avid canoeist John Mason. Though he’s retired from his original position teaching mathematics and m...

24 May 2021

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WASHINGTON, DC (May 21, 2021) — According to the Census Bureau, women have made significant gains in the STEM workforce over the years, but men still dominate the field. In 2019, "Men made up 52% of all U.S. workers but 73% of all STEM workers."

21 May 2021

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Math faculty’s resilience during the pandemic creates opportunities for over 800 students at 32 institutions around the nation. This was made possible by the generous support from Mary P. Dolciani Halloran Foundation and Tensor Foundation.

14 May 2021

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Teresa Fang-Scholastic Kids Press

11 May 2021

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Rick Gillman will always remember the moment he decided to become a teacher. It was in his calculus class during his senior year of high school. There were only four people in the class, but Gillman always managed to grab a seat behind another student, hiding from the te...

19 April 2021

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WASHINGTON, DC (April 16, 2021) — The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) continues to close the gender gap by celebrating 845 young women (38 receiving awards and 807 receiving certificates) around the nation for their achievements in this year’s MAA American Math...

16 April 2021

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Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education

15 April 2021

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Claremont Courier

2 April 2021

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1 April 2021

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Community Advocate - Cindy Zomar

24 March 2021